Quality consultations & opinion insights

Our mission at CiviQ is to support meaningful engagement with citizens and stakeholders through quality online consultations and insights into shared viewpoints.


A cloud-based platform with research services for discovering shared viewpoints underlying the range of opinion on your issue or question.

Ideal for business HR, advertising & marketing, local authorities, governments & smart cities.


A consultation platform focused on quality interaction and feedback. Powered by interactive maps, accessible documents, visualisations & open data.

Ideal for local authorities, smart cities & infrastructure companies.


A social networking platform provided by CiviQ for community associations & consultation. Contact us today to find out how to connect your community online.

Ideal for networks, interest-based associations and communities.


OpenConsult is an award winning cloud-based consultation platform. It captures text and map based submission data that powers flexible reporting dashboards for  you and your stakeholders. This new approach enables cities to benefit from the collective knowledge of citizens during consultations, leading to more informed responses, stronger policy/planning and savings.


OpenInsights enables you to capture and visualise the full range of opinion and shared viewpoints on your important issue. With OpenInsights you have a way to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard and there is transparent data on the values, attitudes and beliefs driving opinion. This knowledge is helpful for co-producing solutions, effective dialogue and conflict mitigation.

Data analysis and consultation services

Talk to us about your data analysis or training needs. We are here to help you plan and achieve meaningful and transparent engagement with stakeholders, users and citizens.

Whatever your consultation needs, CiviQ’s deep research-driven innovations will support you and your stakeholders to engage more effectively. Build stronger relationships through a focus on diversity and using open data for insights that benefit everyone.

Opinion data analysis

CiviQ provides specialist data analysts to support your consultations with OpenInsights.


We provide training courses on OpenConsult and OpenInsights, as well as on effective online consultations.

Consultation services

Contact us to discuss ways we can help support you run an inclusive plan for engagement.


Our team includes researchers in political science, open government and civic participation. Contact us about collaboration opportunities or your research needs.

Some of our clients

European Open Government Leaders Forum

CEO of CiviQ, Vanessa Liston, participated as a speaker that the European Open Government Leaders Forum in Milan. The thematic fish-bowl conversation focused on how citizen participation can effectively foster innovation,  improve public services and restore trust...

Innovative Voting Experiment on National Unity Government

After the Irish General Election in 2016, on the 23rd April, The Irish Times co-hosted a public voting experiment with the De Borda Institute, DCU and CiviQ, demonstrating how a national unity government could be elected. It used the innovative Matrix voting method...

Beyond Information to the Human Voice

Originally posted in the AARP Journal  The United Nations (UN) Post-2015 Development Agenda has sharpened the global focus on the need for more comprehensive data on issues related to aging and older people. As demographics are shifting toward a large increase in the...

Voice or Vote: The Central Access Scheme Controversy

Originally posted on PoliticalReform.ie April 2015 The controversy over the Central Access Scheme (CAS) in Kilkenny city has raised some important issues about local democracy in Ireland. One of these concerns the link between elected representatives and citizens. On...