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How we innovate to help you

Our mission at CiviQ is to help you meaningfully engage with the people that matter to your organisation through deep insights into the structure of conflict and consensus.


A cloud-based platform with specialist service for finding deep structure in stakeholder opinion including areas of consensus and most difference.


CiviQ’s consultation platform. A new way to capture responses to your plans or policies that drive open dashboards and knowledge-sharing.


An open source social networking platform provided by CiviQ for community associations. Contact us today to find out how you can connect your community.

Award Winning Consultation Portal: OpenConsult

OpenConsult is a cloud based platform that captures granular text and map based submission data, powering flexible reporting dashboards for both you and your stakeholders. This new approach enables cities to harness the collective knowledge of citizens during consultations, leading to more informed responses, stronger policy/planning and savings.

And a completely new Opinion Insights platform:


OpenInsights is a cloud-based platform and suite of services to help you identify underlying structure in public opinion, including areas of most consensus and difference. Use this information to mitigate conflict in key policy or planning fields or to tease out internal organisational questions.

Our data analysis and consultation services

Talk to us about your data analysis or training needs, as well as services to help you plan and achieve meaningful and transparent engagement with stakeholders, users and citizens.

Whatever your consultation needs, CiviQ’s deep research-driven innnovations will support you affect real change in your organisations consultation approach to help you build stronger relationships with your stakeholders, and hear their voices for more meaningful engagement.

Opinion data analysis

CiviQ provides specialist data analysts to support your consultations with OpenInsights.


We provide training courses on OpenConsult and OpenInsights, as well as on effective online consultations.

Consultation services

Contact us to discuss ways we can help support you run an inclusive plan for engagement.


Our team has research specialists in political science, climate change policy, open government and civic participation. Contact us today to discuss how we work together with research in these areas.

We use CiviQ’s Consultation Portal for all our planning consultations in Kilkenny County Council,
and are very happy with it. It’s straightforward to use, both to upload a new consultation and to
moderate any open consultations. We really welcome the contribution it has made to the transparency
of the plan-making process; all submissions are now made available so everyone can see what everyone
else is saying.

Caitriona O’Sullivan

Senior Planner, Kilkenny County Council (2016)

Consultation toolkit

Download CiviQ’s toolkit to help you with your public consultations. This is a simple step-guide to stakeholder analysis, planning, executing and reporting on a engagement exercise with your stakeholders. But more than that,