Online Consultations 
and Surveys

Engagement format for day-to-day stakeholder engagement, with visual consultations and surveys. Here are some examples.

See how some of our customers use our Open Consult platform

Residential Zoned Land Tax

Open Consult was used by 16 local authorities to present their consultations on the Residential Zoned Land Tax in 2022. Citizens could easily click on interactive maps to identify land liable to RZLT and then make their submission by responding to a series of questions. Colour coded map layers showed Residential and Mixed-use land and different views of the zoned lands could be shown using map layers.

Galway County - Gort Town Renewal Plan

Galway County Council engaged residents on Town Centre Masterplan proposals using CiviQ’s visual NoteDrop feature. Residents could view images and map-based slides of proposals for the town. They could give feedback by making comment in a window next to each slide, creating a transparent conversation around the proposals.


Of the many consultations and surveys that Limerick City and County Council carry out using CiviQ’s consultation portal, their most recent one was a survey to hear the views of older people living there. The responses were used by the Council to identify what age friendly activities are developed to improve the quality of life for people as we grow old and to shape Limerick City and County Council’s Age Friendly Strategy 2023-2027.

Thanks to CiviQ’s online platform – we are hearing voices that we hadn’t before, we now have a wider audience’