CiviQ provides innovative methods and tools to improve public consultations and citizen deliberations. We capture, structure and visualise shared perspectives in natural streams of public opinion. Instead of opinion polling we capture real opinion statements and by asking you to evaluate these opinions, we can help identify how opinions sit together in coherent views.  We will also be visualise opinion positions and change during public deliberations and meetings.

CiviQ Submissions

Captures and converts valuable public consultation data into organisational knowledge. CiviQ Submisisons supports summarisation, analysis and colloration on submissions enabling more transparency, lower costs in processing submissions and more structure data for better knowledge and communication.

CiviQ Consultations

Identifies and visualises underlying perspectives in the natural flow of opinion on an issue.  The process supports broader understanding of an issue and provides effective structure for  meetings and consultations.

CiviQ Deliberations

Visualises convergence/divergence and transformation in opinion structure during meetings. It enables organisations to bring people from different perspectives together in a collaborative process to problem-solve. This product is in pre-alpha stage.

Contact us directly to organise a demo and discuss how CiviQ can help your organisation.