CiviQ Submissions

CiviQ Submissions provides a new way to capture, share and communicate on public submissions. Submissions are open promoting dialogue and learning during the consultation process when the sphere of influence is open.

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CiviQ Consultations

CiviQ Consultations software identifies and visualises underlying perspectives in the natural flow of opinion on an issue with stakeholders.  The process supports deeper understanding of an issue for effective consultations.

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CiviQ Deliberation

CiviQ Deliberation structures deliberations on its main dimensions: values, beliefs and preferences. It visualises convergence/divergence and transformation in opinion structure during meetings. 

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Transform Opinion Noise

Achieve new ways of understanding and visualising the structure of natural opinion flows on social issues.

News & Updates

Commentary, Analysis and Deployment of CiviQ software

Technology in Planning “Making Cities Work” conference

Posted by listonv on Oct 22, 2015

We were delighted to participate in the recent ECTP-CEU Technology in Planning Practice, 11th biennial conference of Towns and Town Planners in Dublin. CiviQ presented research conducted jointly with Kilkenny County Council on ‘”Opening Public Submissions for Improved Planning”. This study focused on the recent public consultation in Kilkenny County Council on the Brewery Masterplan.

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Data: Beyond Information to the Human Voice

Posted by listonv on Oct 22, 2015

Article published in AARP International Journal October 2015.

As demographics are shifting toward a large increase in the proportion of the population that is 60+ by 2050, aging is becoming an important factor to include in policies for achieving sustainable societies. To address this new demographic challenge, decision-making bodies are calling for a “transformative agenda for official statistics” that leads to significant improvement in the breadth and depth of statistics on aging…..

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CiviQ to attend World Forum for Democracy

Posted by listonv on Jun 15, 2015

CiviQ is delighted to be invited to attend the ‘Democracy Innovation Hackathon’ at the World Forum for Democracy 2015 “Freedom vs control: for a democratic response” which will take place from 18 to 20 November 2015 at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, France. The hackathon aims to develop local level structures to increase the success of initiatives improving citizen participation in European cities. The workshop will be the kick-off event for the creation of a network of ‘participatory cities’ or a ‘democracy incubator’.

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Voice or Vote? The Central Access Scheme controversy

Posted by listonv on Apr 10, 2015

Blog post originally posted on April 10th 2015.

The controversy over the Central Access Scheme (CAS) in Kilkenny city has raised some important issues about local democracy in Ireland. One of these concerns the link between elected representatives and citizens. On the one hand those who, for different reasons oppose the scheme, claim that democracy is dead.

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EC – participation in nuclear waste disposal project

Posted by listonv on Apr 1, 2015

CiviQ is participating as a consortium partner in an EC project “Broad Framework for Public Participation in Environmental Decision-making in Radioactive Waste Management” (BEPPER). The aim of the project is the assessment of good practices on transparency in relation to the management of spent fuel and radioactive waste.

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CiviQ CEO among most talented Irish women in technology 2014

Posted by listonv on Oct 20, 2014

We are delighted that our co-founder, Vanessa Liston, is listed as one of Ireland’s 38 talented technology women for 2014 by The annual list is compiled this year by John Breslin, DERI, NUI Galway, /

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